Pampers Swaddlers vs. Baby Dry – Which is Better?

Pampers Swaddlers vs. Baby Dry - Which is Better

Pampers has a well-established reputation for providing a quality diaper to cater to a baby’s needs. Swaddlers and Baby Dry are two of its most preferred types due to the excellent protection they offer. Both provide great comfort and absorbency, which are essential factors to consider when choosing the right diaper for a baby. The … Read more

Cruisers vs. Swaddlers – Which is Better?

Cruisers vs Swaddlers - Which is Better

Pampers is known for providing good quality diapers that can cater to the needs of a baby. Cruisers and Swaddlers are two types of Pampers that parents often prefer due to their excellent absorbency. Both are good in terms of comfort and wetness protection, which are the foremost considerations when deciding on the best diaper … Read more

How Much MiraLAX for a 2-Year-Old? & How Long Do We Use It

How Much MiraLAX for a 2-Year-Old & How Long Do We Use It

Constipation is a common problem among children. Most of the time, it is functional and does not have any organic cause. Fortunately, it is mostly temporary, and remedies such as laxatives are available. Pediatricians may recommend stool softeners like MiraLAX to improve bowel movement.  A two-year-old can take an initial dose of 0.5 g/kg each day … Read more